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Charles Phillips

In 2010, former Oracle Corporation president Charles Phillips announced his decision to leave the company and become the CEO of Infor. Charles joined Oracle in May of 2003 and was soon promoted to the position of president. While at Oracle, Charles set a number of goals and achieved a wide variety of accomplishments that greatly benefited the company.

Charles’s motivation is self-evident; he has always been revered as a man of action, which is further proven by the fact that in less than two years at Oracle, Charles was able to assist in the company gaining over thirty major acquisitions. So it makes sense that other technology and software companies would be thrilled to have Charles join their team. But his accomplishments go much further back in the past, as his dedication and innovative thinking did not start when he joined Oracle.

Charles worked with a number of other leaders in the technology industry and other fields prior to joining the Oracle team, including Morgan Stanley, Viacom Corporation, the American Museum of Natural History, and Jazz at Lincoln Center. But he began to call attention to himself and his business smarts with his involvement in Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Corporation has been a leader in the technology industry since its inception in 1977, and it has grown exponentially since then. Oracle is responsible for a number of databases, collaboration software, enterprise search solutions, development software, hardware, application products, and more. It is a leader in the technology field, used by countless individuals and corporations. And Charles did nothing but help Oracle to become even more successful. Just one year after Charles joined Oracle, the corporation’s sales grew at a rate of 14.5% to $6.2 billion—an astounding feat. However, Charles made the decision to leave Oracle in the fall of 2010, opting instead to join the Infor team.

Infor Global Solutions was founded in 2002 as Agilisys; following an acquisition in 2004, the company renamed itself and has since been known as Infor. The software company specializes in enterprise software and boasts a customer base of over 70,000. Specifically, Infor’s software offerings include resource planning, financial systems, customer relationship, and supply chain software. Charles joined Infor in October of 2010 in a leadership role, one which he is more than suitable for.

There is no doubt that Charles will continue to be successful and help Infor Global Solutions rise as a world leader in enterprise software.

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