Waterfront Tech Center

Waterfront Tech Center

A place where water technology mixes with everyday life.

In the last few decades the quality of water has been directly effected by the technology of water centers around the nation.

Just 50 years ago impure water was a real concern for Americans across the US. Today most people have access to pure drinkable water due in part to the standards set.

Waterfront Tech Center is a website dedicated to exploring new technologies, and new methods to continue the progression of clean water for generations.

The research and forward progress can be lost in time if these efforts are not continued.

In a time when war and natural disasters threaten nearly all nations in the world more technology will be needed to stretch from one corner of the world to the last corner so that every human can someday have access to clean water.

You can help

By becoming aware and getting involved locally you can become part of the solution to clean water technology that can change the worlds landscape.

Millions of people suffer from thirst everyday.  Water is essential for life and life essentially needs water.

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